Welcome to the The Kikiwa Theorem WikiEdit

Kikiwa theorem wiki: The place for rubbish news, british humour, and scones.
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Here's a picture of a guy named Kikiwa. He has absolutely nothing to do with the name of this wiki, however if you're upset by the lack of information on its title, looking at this picture may help.


In this wiki, you can search for anything and start browsing, however if you are looking to pleasantly waste time, a full list of pages can be found in a locked cabinet in our basement (the admin area).

Why is This Wiki Called Kikiwa Wiki?Edit

This is an interesting question to which we currently do not have an answer. Why don't you browse around while we work it out.


For more information, read our disclaimer. It is highly recommended that you read our disclaimer, as it contains very important information regarding your browsing experience. You won't understand how important it is until you read it. Still not convinced that you should read the disclaimer? 

Meet Bob:


A Papaya.

He used to have hopes and dreams and Banana Fruit Cake. Then he browsed the Kikiwa Wiki without reading the disclaimer. Now look at him. He's a Papaya! Is this what you want? Just read the disclaimer, will you? We don't have enough time to go to court over an exotic fruit. It's much nicer to eat them instead.